Seahawk’s Sherman is not the story


This is Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman tipping a pass and ensuring a victory and the NFC championship for his team last Sunday. Seconds later a reporter was shoving a mic in his face. And the media are still talking more about that interview than about the game itself.

He was shouting, ranting about how he dominated his opponent, Michael Crabtree. But he wasn’t cursing and didn’t say anything inappropriate. I was a bit surprised but promptly wrote it off as what it was — adrenalin overload. Not surprising under the circumstances. After all, it was a great play. And it ensured his team was going to the Super Bowl. I’d have been going nuts myself. (Actually, I was, but at home alone.)

Admittedly, I’m a Seahawks fan (not easy when you live in Denver), so maybe I’m just more forgiving of Sherman’s outburst. But get a grip, media. Where’s your perspective? He’s just one man. Not the team, not the championship, and not the upcoming Super Bowl.

Richard Sherman is not the story here. But you sure wouldn’t know it from the media coverage this week.

... and that's my two cents