Brian Williams raps “Rapper’s Delight” (video)

This evening Jimmy Fallon presented a new video of Brian Williams rapping “Rapper’s Delight.” (Hey, don’t ask me. I know zip about rap, but the video is catchy and well done.) I’d marvel at the patience it takes to assemble something like this, but there’s probably an app for that.

11 thoughts on “Brian Williams raps “Rapper’s Delight” (video)

      1. I figure I’ve reached an age where I can leave all the angst to the youngsters and that’s pretty much my impression of rap…. a lot of free-floating angst. Your clip of Brian Williams was, however, just plain fun.

        1. “Free-floating angst” is such a nice way to put it. I’m afraid my description would not be nearly as kind. I did get a kick out the video, however.

  1. Wow … reminds me of my days in TV looooong ago when I used to do this kind of editing, before the Internet made it so easy (and yet I don’t do it now). Brian was actually looking a little funky there for a second!

    1. I know the feeling. So much of what I used to labor over in editing, writing, prepress, etc., is so easy now with computers. Makes me wish I was still in the trenches, getting to do the job with the nifty new technology. Almost.

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