Wendy Davis: Feet of clay in pink jogging shoes

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  1. Very sad to say, PT, I agree with you. There’s just too many things that she’s back-pedaling on. I As Betrand Russell said: “Be scrupulously truthful, even when the truth is inconvenient, for it is more inconvenient when you try to conceal it.”

    My hopes for her…are waning

      1. I think that she realized she doesn’t stand a chance in Texas unless she gets behind guns and God.

        I just can’t understand how people can be pro-life yet support gun rights.

      2. It’s just sad to see how easily principles crumble when an election is a stake (assuming there were some principles there in the first place).

        Pro-life. Pro-gun. And pro death penalty. Texas Republicans are a strange breed.

  2. I’m not big on conspiracy type stuff, but this smells a lot like a calculated move to gain a whole lot of name recognition through deceit and then trying to use it to make a big move up in the world of politics. I was an ardent backer of Wendy Davis. Now I hope she suffers a major defeat.

    1. I don’t know if she plotted all this from the beginning (whenever that was) or if she’s just trying to hold onto as many votes as possible. But it’s apparent she’s not the person I thought or hoped she was. And I don’t like what she seems to be. Politics. I hate politics.

    1. LOL. Good point! I’ve only to remind myself that as disenchanted as I am with Pres. Obama, I still would not have voted for McCain/Palin or Romney/Ryan.

      1. I honestly think that unless we can get big money out of politics, there will always be very little difference between the parties because they will continue to be beholden to the deep pockets. At least it seems that if we kick up enough of a fuss, we can nudge the Dems a bit easier than the crazies on the Right….. but the current system still has money having the strongest influence. That’s the real issue IMHO. 🙂

      2. I agree, and the Citizens United decision just made it worse. Much worse. For the most part corporations and special interest groups have taken over our election system and basically own Congress. I don’t see any way to fix it. I think term limits would help, but lawmakers won’t pass those and limit themselves. So depressing.

  3. I thought we had a light in the storm, but sadly no. I’ve a post like this started, – did some research ( like I do with anyone I am thinking about supporting) and found so much disturbing stuff she said and did – calculated. So not as advertised.
    Keep hoping somewhere out there is someone…but the political climate is so ugly, many honorable people have no interest.

    1. Even if you allow for negative spin by her opponents, much is on the record and undisputed. Very disappointing. Must be especially disappointing for a Texan like you. Even the most well-intentioned candidates usually find that once they get to Washington, or their state house, they have to start compromising if they want to get anything done.

      I keep telling myself that for all its flaws, we still have the best governing system in the world. We still have the best …. We still have the best ….

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