NYT explains net neutrality (video)

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  1. Did a quick post about this as well so I hope people sign up for it. In Europe it’s net neutrality so hope the states realise they cant push this ridiculous policy through.

    1. US Internet speed already lags so far behind other parts of the world that it’s almost criminal. Or it may be criminal. I’m not sure. But laws like this will only compound the problem, which is, of course, the intent.

    1. I think a clear, simple explanation helps everyone understand. The techies get lost in the weeds, and Washington is desperately in need of things like this. When it comes to the Internet, I think most Washington politicians are legislating on stuff they do not understand.

    1. We don’t need our legislators thinking the Internet is a “series of tubes” and having the telcoms “explaining” things to them. That’s the danger here.

  2. Glad to see you doing your bit to spread the word. Nice clip from the NYT. Amazing how they’re learned to twist words so you never know what you’re voting for or what they’re really up to.

    1. They learn tricky wording at an early age. I remember back in Okla. how the pols could frame a state question in such a way that a “No” vote ended up being in favor of passage.

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