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Rock ’n’ roll forever!

It’s difficult to imagine anyone has not seen this video. It’s been everywhere the last few days, even local Denver news broadcasts. Still, I wanted to preserve and share it. I’ve found no information about who this man is or how old he is (would love to know). The user who uploaded this video to Facebook, Edgard Eleuterio Daza, of Lampa, Peru, gave it a short caption: “Eternamente joven.” Translation: forever young. When the sound system starts a medley of golden oldies and gets to Bill Haley’s “Rock Around the Clock,” Grandpa throws down his canes and starts bustin’ some moves. Who needs crutches when you’ve got rock ’n’ roll!?

Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast,
To soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak.
I’ve read, that things inanimate have mov’d …

                                ~ William Congreve, The Mourning Bride, 1697


  1. First viewing for me. Loved every minute of it. Life should be full of fun, and this guy seems dedicated to pursuing the good times as long as possible. A lesson here for all of us.

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