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UPS makes a very special delivery

’Tis the season when UPS trucks become ubiquitous in our communities. And, unfortunately, so do the stories about UPS drivers mistreating packages, throwing them onto porches, etc. Personally, I’ve always appreciated their bringing packages to my door, ringing the bell, and greeting me with a cheery wave from the street when I open the door. Even in the middle of their very high-pressure Christmas delivery season.

So I’m happy to post this great video about UPS and a little boy, Carson Kight, who lives just down the road in Colorado Springs. Yes, it’s a commercial. But it’s also a true story.

Way to go, UPS. Way to go, Ernest “Mr. Ernie” Lagasca.


  1. Beyond precious. Even it it is an ad. But many ads are good, well done reminders of what life is all about, what business is supposed to be all about, bringing us what we need and love!
    Thanks for sharing. Trying to see how to reblog this.

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