New to me: Slo-mo lightning videos

8 thoughts on “New to me: Slo-mo lightning videos”

  1. These never get old! (oh, the thunder storm sounds. wonderful)
    Big skies are a luxury…but better when its not summer and stuff is so dry. We saw it hit the top of the hotel across the lake once. Fried wiring…That hotel over a graveyard or something – same one that woman ran over and over and over her husband in the parking lot. Hurricane ripped it apart, too.

    1. No, no, big skies are not a luxury. They are essential to my happiness. I can’t breathe without them.

      I have a sound machine in my bedroom that’s set on “thunderstorm.” When the last one died, I was frantic to replace it ASAP. Not that I’m habituated or anything …

      Closest I’ve gotten to lightning was a tingling on Longs Peak, and it’s a wonder fear alone didn’t kill me. There was no strike that day. Luckily.

      1. Once when I was a camp counselor in college we were rushing campers out of units to the main facility when lightning struck a tree and peeled the bark off right in front of us…I kept the long strip of bark. Spooky!

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