When we meet …

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  1. Like so much poetry, and also many books, this appeals to the reader only within his/her own context. It is all too true, I think, that many fail to achieve a full range of passions and experience because of over-caution or lack of effort. But if viewed with skepticism, which is my nature, it could be sending a dangerous message. Ungoverned passion can lead to excess and injury. Looking back over my life I see that my reach often exceeded my grasp and the results were sometimes bad. I escaped tragedy only by luck several times. On the other hand, my experiences exceeding anything I could have imagined when I was young.

    The human condition and the situations we encounter are too complex to be limned by any poetic or prosaic prescription, but an appeal like this one may help the timid. Nothing is easy in life, but that’s what makes it interesting. In my opinion.

    1. I’ve interpreted this in several different ways during different readings — as an appeal from one adventurous person to another, as a timid person hoping to meet a more adventurous person, as someone being deeply philosophical and wanting to meet someone with similar thoughts and feelings, and, with an illustration I almost used, as a woman peering into a mirror questioning herself. Ultimately I decided to choose an image more open to the reader’s own interpretation. I don’t see a literal appeal to dangerous excess but rather, an appeal to be more fully involved in life and aware of one’s innermost feelings. It brushes aside superficial considerations and looks instead for the inner being, the true self.

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