Friday, Feb. 6, 2015, is National Wear Red Day

9 thoughts on “Friday, Feb. 6, 2015, is National Wear Red Day”

  1. Scarlet counts, right?
    Awareness days are good
    Odd that people pay so little attention to important stuff and we have to have all these days featuring this or that. I do worry so many ribbons and days will begin to lose impact….guess people are so busy trying to survive, they don’t recognize important critical information unless it’s shouted at them.
    So red is an excellent choice. Women like red. They should “like” this info to – and remember it!

    1. I have a particular axe to grind that I’ve mentioned in the past. The pink for breast cancer campaign has been wildly successful and, I think, is largely responsible for so many women now thinking that’s the biggest threat to their health. The heart people need to get it in gear and get this message out. Heart disease is SO much more prevalent. I knew February was the awareness month for heart disease, but only a few years ago noticed that basketball teams (which I don’t watch) do wear some red gear for it. But frankly this is the first year I’ve heard of Wear Red Day or Go Red for Women. You’re right about the awareness ribbons. There are piles of them (and bracelets) now and no one can keep track. There is a special pin for Go Red for Women, which is distinctive from all the ribbons. Still, red in February? Everyone assumes it’s for Valentine’s Day. I’d have picked a different month.

  2. Funny, i thought it helped having heart health/awareness month in February because of so much emphasis on hearts, red, love, and all the valentine stuff including the extra meaning. (probably wouldnt work as well for osteoporosis to team up with orange ribbons & halloween, though) {sorry, friday evening & my brain is short on serious?} . But i was glad seeing lots of red at work today–

    1. Funny I’d not thought of the positive connection you describe, which is probably what they were thinking when they picked February. I wore a red shirt, but only went out to walk the dog around the block (73 degrees!). Didn’t see any other red. Glad you did. I feel like the day gets overlooked, but since I don’t mingle with the real world anymore, how would I know?

      1. Wow, 73 degrees in Feb! Walking a dog outside in comfort in the winter. Watching the Brian Williams ‘dance.’ Can see how you might wonder about the real world, but my thinking is more that YOU are anchored in reality… too smart to have stayed mired in the rat races. Had they set this last week, no chance of awareness or recognition of anything but blue/green vs blue/red & air pressure…. Keep up your good work, PT! 💝🏈😸

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