About ‘religious freedom’ legislation …

2 thoughts on “About ‘religious freedom’ legislation …”

  1. With the right make up the person underneath the sheet may never be known. In a Religious Freedom Bill,It may not reveal the sponsor of the bill,but the supporters of the Bill are usually recorded at the vote,ie The Senate,The House,Congress ect. As Americans we should ALL be familiar with the words:…We holds these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal…” In my opinion bigotry should end right there,if not even sooner! Let us pray for our Country.

    1. You can almost always find the text of a bill (both state and federal) online, and authors/sponsors are listed right at the top.

      Several states are currently considering such legislation and Congress, of course, always has activists cooking up something. Religious conservatives seems determined to interject their beliefs into the nation’s laws, as though the Constitution doesn’t protect their rights along with everyone else’s.

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