No way to win a race

8 thoughts on “No way to win a race”

  1. Rand Paul is going to have to get used to the left sided media editorializing on the anticipated answer to their question before they get around to asking it. Just being honestly outraged at their (the left sided media) status quo, corporate & social welfare, militaristic politically correct bias isn’t going to work for him. He’s going to have to learn to pretend that journalists are really fair minded fact seekers.

    Good luck with that.

    1. It’s not just the liberal media. They all do it. And adept politicians know how to deal with it with at least a modicum of manners. Reporters in general are partisan boors armed with corporate agendas, axes to grind, and gotcha questions. I’d respond much as he did, but I’m not running for office.

  2. Politics is surely not for everyone, but only the skilled few. I always marvel at how skillful at pressers are some (President Obama) and how awkward are others (George W. Bush). These sessions can, and ought to, be seen as an opportunity to show the public the pol’s grasp of current governmental problems and to garner public support, or at least to spark healthy debate. This is not easy work. It’s no wonder presidents seem to age faster than average.

    1. Reporters can be extremely annoying in all sorts of ways for all sorts of reasons. Politicians must be quick-witted, able to think on their feet, and utterly unflappable when dealing with them because the cameras are always on and every word or action will be scrutinized. It’s not the best system, perhaps. It may keep a lot of good people out of the political arena. But for better or worse, that’s how the game is played these days. You learn to play or you go home.

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