Pikes Peak has webcams too

8 thoughts on “Pikes Peak has webcams too”

    1. Admittedly I have trouble imaging a malamute/husky frolicking in the surf along a sandy beach. Colorado is more nearly their natural habitat. What fun she’d have up here! Next time I’m around one of those cams, I’m likely to wave too, to whomever might be watching.

      Have a great weekend. Looks like it’s going to be a wet one for us.

      1. Won’t be any time soon, I promise.
        Weird storms last night, moved north right along the foothills. Heavy rain, hail, several tornados. Usually that stuff hits out east somewhere. More of the same today.

      2. Saw pix of the tornado…big and wide enough to make a a couple of storm chasers change directions. Once in Estes there were tornado alerts when we were there – quite a storm. Lucky the car wasn’t totally dinged by the hail. There are often storms up high in the afternoon, but that loud one in town was unusual. Stay safe

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