Pikes Peak has webcams too

The cog railway stop on the summit of Pikes Peak with Colorado Springs in the distance. (Screenshot late this afternoon.) Click for current view.

Longs Peak is the apple of my eye when it comes to Colorado’s mountains, but to many others Pikes Peak is “the peak.” And there’s a lot to be said for a 14,114-foot peak that travelers can “climb” on foot, by car, or by cog railway.

Oddly enough, until today I’d not thought to look for webcams up there and it seems there are at least two. One faces east with the railway stop in the foreground and Colorado Springs in the distance. The other rotates through a full 360° panorama, pausing every four or five seconds.

As in Rocky Mountain National Park, it appears there’s still a lot of plowing to do to be fully ready for the summer tourist season.

Earlier this afternoon, it was snowing when the train arrived.

One of the views from the rotating camera shows the snowplow that’s been working to clear parking areas on the summit.

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8 replies

  1. Been up there a number of times and waved at someone across the country as they watched one of the webcams.

  2. Molly is drooling…and saying malamute/huskies need snow not sandy paws
    (We’ve waved at people on the Boulder cams or they at us. It’s funny to do)

    • Admittedly I have trouble imaging a malamute/husky frolicking in the surf along a sandy beach. Colorado is more nearly their natural habitat. What fun she’d have up here! Next time I’m around one of those cams, I’m likely to wave too, to whomever might be watching.

      Have a great weekend. Looks like it’s going to be a wet one for us.


  1. Live streaming webcams on line in Estes Park – Pied Type

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