Under the Big Top

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  1. When Pataki announced the other day I noted with some interest that he, like Lindsey Graham and other GOP hawks, advocates increasing the number of military “advisors” in Iraq, in his case, from 3,000 to 10,000. They represent an element of our culture that is unable to learn from history. One of their like-minded constituents actually wrote the following in an op-ed letter to the Joplin Globe this morning, relative to the Iraq War:

    The fact is that our government had no real choice in the matter. After 9/11, America wanted blood. Weapons of mass destruction were not the issue. Who we attacked did not matter as long as it was somewhere in the Middle East. Iraq got the short straw, it’s the American way.

    This bird went on to compare the Iraq “shock and awe” war to the Doolittle raid on Japan. Talk about clowns! War hawks just want to have fun, and now that we have an all-volunteer military (1/2 of 1% of the population) they don’t even have to worry about their own families’ skins. Yee-haw.

    1. Bunch of idiots all. We’d already gone into Afghanistan, appropriately, because that’s where Bin Laden was. Then, for no valid reason, we attacked Iraq because of a Bush family vendetta, oil, and nonexistent WMDs (which the idjits would have known if they’d just waited for the inspectors to finish their job). And now they wonder why the nation we wrecked isn’t faring better against ISIS.

      1. Right, PT. And even WMD’s fail to hold up as a reason, even if Saddam had had them. Pakistan and North Korea have nukes and Iran’s working on them, but nobody’s advocating attacking them. The reasons were just what you said, a Bush vendetta and oil. And, of course, the national snit over anybody wearing a keffiyeh. And an arrogant belief in American exceptionalism. Sigh.

      1. I don’t recall the GOP getting as upset with Ron as they are with Rand, who seems determined to alienate himself. Not that I’ve followed either very closely.

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