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Trail Ridge Road opens for 2015

Rocky Mountain National Park has announced on Facebook that Trail Ridge Road officially opened yesterday — although night closures are still in effect.

The crews who’ve worked so hard to clear the snow away from the buildings at the Alpine Visitor Center added a tip of the hat to this, Rocky’s centennial year.



Photo: Maki Jackson-k

This is what they faced two days ago:


(NPS photo/VIP Pauley)

Which required a lot of this:

Clearing snow from the Alpine Visitor Center, May 2015

(NPS photo/VIP Pauley)

But there were rewards to be had, like this view last night:

Trail Ridge Road, May 29, 2015

Bryce Bradford, Longmont, Colo.

For current road and trail conditions in the park, see the NPS Rocky Mountain National Park website.


  1. Hi PT– Beautiful Sunset shot! Happy TRR is open & bet those rangers reached their cardio goals quickly digging out the visitor center. Loved the snow carving, too– this year calls for some special creativity from all areas of the Park.

    • Love those rangers and road crews for all they do. The sunset shot was taken, I think, by one of the first visitors up the road. It’s the sort of scene that keeps me so in love with the park.

  2. Snow carving messages – now that’s wonderful. Hadn’t seen that before.
    (so, now missing spring there, maybe fall as a possibility…but need to find where dogs can go on trails. She’ll be hard to leave behind….those doggy eyes – they know! RMNP is out, but the forests seem to allow them…not wanting to run into bears, though in a back country/ less traveled area. )
    LOVE the pictures!!!

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