A bit of Flatiron history

11 thoughts on “A bit of Flatiron history”

  1. Those are beautiful. I have a particular love for mountains and rocks – strange I guess. Never been to Colorado but going just to see those up close and personal could be enough motivation for me.

    1. You can walk up to the park and those formations from campus, and I did once or twice. Having that within walking distance of a major campus and city is amazing to me. But then, I’ve been totally smitten with Boulder since I was a kid.

  2. I’ve never seen them much in the winter. What a gorgeous shot. Always thought the CU campus is what a college campus should look like – a couple of my friends went, but I couldn’t afford out of state tuition. Smitten as a kid, too as we drove past. I thought there used to be white letters there. (Whew, it wasn’t wishful thinking after all.)

    1. That was my impression too. The perfect, gorgeous, classic college campus in a setting that, in my book, could not have been more perfect. I applied several other places, just in case, but CU was always my first choice.

      1. Sigh. We’ll just have to be satisfied with visits and cams – we used the one outside the bicycle shop a lot when daughter was there. Run by waves. (FYi, next post will have Boulder Creek in it – you’ll want to vote…when I get organized and can sit down Fri/Sat)

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