Expert thinks whale tried to avoid hitting kayak

2 thoughts on “Expert thinks whale tried to avoid hitting kayak”

  1. Witnessing how huge the humpbacks are when they breach from a distance and relative safety of a boat carrying about 50 persons was both thrilling and scary. I don’t know if i would ever be able to sleep again had i been in that tourist kayak! Our guides said a full grown humpback weighs over 50 TONS. This whale had to have done all it could to miss the kayakers. Hmmm, wonder what “oops, my bad” sounds like in whale speak? Thanks for this… I must be the only person who did not know about it!

    1. Well, I tend to have the news on a lot. Bad as it often is, it beats daytime TV.

      I can’t even imagine looking up from a puny little kayak and seeing a whale towering over me.

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