The elk of Estes Park (video)

Most readers probably won’t want to watch a full 20 minutes of elk footage, but these elk are one of the big attractions in Estes Park, Colo., this time of year. Oddly enough, as much as I love Estes and as often as I’ve been there, I’ve never seen the elk in town like this. I’m usually there in the summer and they are usually up in the high country then (no doubt because they are smart enough to avoid the summer heat and crush of tourists in the valley).

6 thoughts on “The elk of Estes Park (video)

    1. Aren’t they wonderful? Some of the bulls in this video are just magnificent. Maybe next year I’ll be able to go up and see them in person. No bison up here. A lot of people have seen moose, but I’ve never been lucky enough to see one in the wild.

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