Professional vs amateur photographer

6 thoughts on “Professional vs amateur photographer”

  1. Does it boggle your mind that a place like this even exists?? I’m a Christian, which informs me that this picture is one of fallen creation. I can only imagine what it was, and what it someday will be again. Thanks for posting this “reject”.

  2. But as photographers you have to agree that you know when you have near achieved your personal best and when you could of done better, I think he was just wishing it had of been more of a perfect capture, meaning he knows he can do better.

    1. I’ve never known a creative, artistic person who didn’t always think he or she could do better. The trick is to know when to stop trying to improve the existing work — stopping while it’s still quite good and before more fiddling would ruin it. I’m not sure a point exists where the artist or photographer stands back and says, “There, that’s the absolute best I can make it. It’s perfect.” So we keep striving …

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