Neither sci fi nor CGI

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  1. This is “out there” a bit, but looking at the image, not at the volcano — it reminds me of the first sight we all had of The Wizard when Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, and C.Lion had finally made it down that long, dark, spooky hallway…. To think this mountain blows up, spews lava, ash, death, destruction– and people still live right there….

    1. I haven’t seen The Wizard of Oz in a very long time. It reminded me of maybe Frankenstein’s lab or all those movies where Tesla coils, etc., are sending electrical sparks and streamers all over the place. Almost a staple in sci fi.

      Uh, yeah. Live near a volcano? No thanks. There are a thousand ways to die. Why make it 1,001?

  2. Nice photo and good info. Thanks. I lived in Naples Italy from December 1973 thru October 1977 and drove by Mt. Vesuvius on several occasions. Not nearly as spectacular as this photo…although I never saw Mt. Vesuvius erupt.

    1. Ah, Vesuvius has a whole different history. But both are fascinating. Lucky you, 4 years in Naples. What an experience that must have been. Everything I’ve heard about Italy makes it #1 on my list if I ever venture out of the country again.

    1. Terrifying, destructive, and fascinating. I’d just as soon not see a live one, thanks, especially since according to some sources I’m within range of the Yellowstone Supervolcano.

      1. I’ve been at Yellowstone when the parking lot near the paint pots was hot and soft…they keep moving cars back. Earth is bulging there, so sooner or later? That would certainly stop a lot of political nonsense.
        Yep, sometimes distance and long range lenses are good.(We’ll just get washes away by the tidal waves here.)

      2. Oh how not encouraging! 🙂 Still, I want to visit Yellowstone one of these days. As long as it doesn’t blow, I think I’d prefer it to your high tides and hurricanes. But I suppose there’s some hazard lurking almost anywhere you go.

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