Just another Estes elk jam

For residents of Estes Park, Colorado, elk jams — traffic tie-ups caused by elk crossing the road — are routine in fall and winter. Usually it’s a brief delay, tolerated by residents and enjoyed by visitors.

This particular elk jam distinguished itself by its numbers  — as many as 136 animals counted by one observer. It was recorded January 16 by Tim Buck, aka The Local Herd, an artist lucky enough to call Estes home.

Life’s a little different in the mountains, isn’t it?

Categories: Green, Rocky Mtn Natl Park

12 replies

  1. I’d much rather sit and count elk crossing the road than I would counting railroad cars.

  2. Just a beautiful sight!

  3. Beautiful! And very thrilling. I guess you could call it a traffic jam, of sorts.

  4. I love this video, and the music ain’t bad either.

  5. Whoa – now that’s a herd! (Sigh) Cool video

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