Celebrating 43 years of personal choice for women

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  1. Oh yes indeed! I will never understand how this country allows a group’s religious views to try to become law of the land. Our country is based on separation of church and state. What gives them the right to impose their views as law in trying to overturn Roe vs. Wade? They have the perfect freedom to never have an abortion, as do we all. But others with different views and circumstances should have their freedom of choice as well. It’s the same with the gay marriage issue. The same group is against that, as they were of black and white marriages in the past.

    1. Yep, those have always been the sticking points for me. (a) If you’re opposed to abortion, you are free to not get one, and (b) the opposition to abortion is based in religion and is therefore not a valid basis for a law affecting everyone.

      1. I would venture to say that MOST abortions are not because of rape,incest,the health of the mother or the health of the unborn BABY…it is I don’t want it so I will have some one help me kill the unborn baby,and oh by the way stay out of my business and let me do what I want to do! YES life begins at conception. I do believe that the male who helped the life begin should be held accountable too,because she did not do it by herself. Now that is the ultimate accountability.

      2. Yep. And that’s a woman’s right. She doesn’t want to carry a pregnancy to term, she doesn’t have to carry a pregnancy to term. You’ll have a say in the matter when YOU are the one who is pregnant. Until such time, it is not YOUR decision. EVER.

      3. Obviously women do not get pregnant by them selves,it takes a man or a sperm bank…again a man is needed. Sex is serious business,it is not a game. Unfortunately most people could care less in the heat of the moment.Deciding not to carry a pregnancy to term is a woman’s right,but that does not make it right to do so.

      4. Not carrying a pregnancy to term is indeed a woman’s right. And that right is protected by law. Whether or not it’s “right” for her is her decision, not yours or anyone else’s.

      5. Whether men think abortion is right or wrong is absolutely irrelevant, because they are not the ones who get pregnant, suffer through pregnancy and labor, and cope with everything that entails. A man’s choices end when sperm meets egg. Once he ejaculates, it’s out of his hands. If you can’t deal with that, don’t have sex.

      6. Well, if that is the case, then women who have abortions are committing murder and should be imprisoned or even executed. Right? Maybe along with the male enabler-perpetrator? It’s only logical.

      7. Good point. But our prisons are already overflowing. Besides, I doubt men would want to see all their women locked up and inaccessible. Where’s the fun in that?

      1. Don’t think I’ll make it for 43 years, but let’s hope organizations such as Planned Parenthood, which my wife and I have supported for more than 40 years, will still be around to carry the torch.

      2. No, our generation will be long gone. We can only hope others will continue the defense of privacy, education, and the right to make personal medical decisions without outside interference from third parties trying to force their religious beliefs on others.

  2. I’m not religious. Not at all. And yet I’m conflicted. It seems to me that logically, a woman should be able to terminate HER offspring anytime for any reason if she’s legally permitted to do so once the fetus is viable. In any event I’m satisfied knowing that it’s none of my business and I don’t deserve a say in the discussion. And yet… Hypocrite that I am…

      1. An interesting read, particularly: “So long as you’re not killing, raping, assaulting or stealing from others, you should be left free to practice whatever moral code appeals to you — and to gain adoption of that moral code by others through persuasion rather than through force.”

        Sounds simple. Yet those who oppose abortion would say, “but abortion is killing” as they attempt to intervene, often with force instead of persuasion. The whole issue turns on whether one believes science (a fetus, before viability and birth, is not a baby) or religion (a fetus is a human being from the moment of conception). And then of course there’s that sticky wicket about not making a religious precept into a law …

      2. “as they attempt to intervene, often with force instead of persuasion”

        By libertarian standards, using for force to intervene can only be moral when it is employed in reaction to a previously initiated force. My personal interpretation of that would mean that only a personal stake holder (Husband/Sperm Donor, Fetus) could morally instigate that force. Even then I think it should be limited to persuasive force. But that’s just me.

      3. I agree. Persuasion, not physical force. If you have a strong case, persuasion should be enough. Those who resort to force are admitting they couldn’t make their case otherwise.

    1. The vast majority of abortions (89-92%) are performed in the first trimester, before the fetus is viable. But the right to a legal abortion after that needs to be preserved for those rare cases where severe birth defects, health of the mother, etc. become apparent. You’re as entitled to an opinion on the matter as anyone else; you just can’t impose that opinion on anyone else.

    1. Yep. Choice. What’s hard for me to reconcile is conservatives who espouse love and charity toward all, the Golden Rule, etc., yet see nothing wrong with butting into other people’s private business, threatening and intimidating … or worse. It’s so hypocritical.

      1. And it goes both ways. Not allowing/respecting people’s odd or strict religious beliefs is also hypocritical. We are either multi-cultural and respectful of all cultures who arrive here or not.
        Best official things stay totally neutral and let the individual decide what it right for them.
        “Tolerance” or what passes for it, has created such a weird situation. People are going to have to put up or shut up: equal respect for all or stop talking about how “good” and open minded one is.
        You are right. It was much better when everyone minded their own business. Live and let live worked for a long time.
        End snoopy neighbors and no-it-all nosy bores!

  3. Abortion does NOT espouse love and charity towards all. Abortion KILLS a beating heart! The medical profession acknowledges the death of a person when the heart stops beating so logic says that life begins when the the heart starts beating. There are some(and I am one of them) who believe that life begins at the point of conception,which can not be proven false beyond a reasonable doubt!
    I stand in judgment of no one,these are my personnel opinions based upon education,personal study and life experiences.

    1. Sperm are alive according to your view of what “alive ” is, so does that mean the act of self administered pleasure in men is killing and akin to murder? If one is truly aghast at the practice of abortion, why not the same fevor over all the millions of animals that we kill for food and research and the insects we swat, spray and crush everyday, pets that are no longer wanted and then euthanized and children that ARE born into the worst possible conditions in third world countries and here. All of these are actually born, alive and live for awhile. Where is the angst for this?

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