I’m with her

10 thoughts on “I’m with her”

  1. Maxine speaks truth!
    The only somewhat reasonable person seems to be Kasich, and even he has some questionable assets.
    We’re just doomed. Let’s let our cats switch off in the Oval Office … they’d do less damage than most of these jokers.

    1. I think Maxine is right. If we could somehow just skip the election, or never swear the winner into office, or maybe tie up the results in court for 4 years, or something …

      Cats are smart. We could do worse than let them run things.

  2. Here in Canada, what’s going on below the 49th parallel looks like a gong show. A bigoted racist with a clown hair-do is doing the Republican party in. As I’m a democratic socialist I cannot help but SNORT.

    1. But tt, didn’t you know? It is the gong show! Only there will be no winners. No matter what happens, we’ll all be losers. I’ll swear I think Trump started this as a joke, just to see if he could. And with the immediate, massive help of the media, look how far he’s gotten. It’s horrifying.

      1. Agreed, PT, I think Herr Drumpf’s motivation was a dalliance born of egotism. If he actually makes it, he’ll be like the dog who finally caught the car. When he gets to the oval office desk, he’s going be disappointed to find there’s only one damn button on it, the WAR button. Now do we think he’s going to be able to keep his finger off it? Nah, I don’t think so. And it would be a neat way to distract that pesky press from asking about the WALL.

      2. “a dalliance born of egotism” — You nailed it. And “he’ll be like the dog who finally caught the car” is the perfect analogy. Scary as hell because it’s so true. Can you imagine him trying to pull his bluster and bully tactics on, say, Putin?

        I wonder where the nearest decommisioned Cold War bomb shelter is …

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