There’s always the not-Trump …

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  1. Of course e-mails can always be classified or re classified after they are sent by the sending or receiving entity…however it is US Department Of Defense regulations that all Government communications be conducted over Web servers that have been approved through US Government channels.

    1. I’ve lost track of how many rules and regs she broke, even if she wasn’t hacked and even if her sending certain emails was, at the time, perfectly legal. And while I understand that a classified document may be declassified at some point in the future, I do not understand how an unclassified document, once it’s been in circulation, can be successfully classified. The content is already out there, in circulation. How does one effectively classify something once it’s already in been in circulation where anyone who wanted to access it already has? How do you untell a secret?

      1. A secret can never be untold and that is exactly why US Government employees must use US Government approved email servers to conduct US Government business.Any one with half a brain should know this.

      2. I understand that. But I still don’t understand the point of retroactively classifying information that wasn’t classified originally.

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