Autumn cometh

Pikes Peak summit last night at 6 pm

Pikes Peak summit last night at 6 pm. Click for current view.

It’s still pretty warm in the Denver metro. Lots of days in the 90s, though more often now in the 80s. But there’s hope in them thar hills. Some of the peaks have been getting snow this week. These screenshots from Pikes Peak webcams show the snow up there last night and this morning. It’s the third time in a week for snow on the summit. I don’t know how tourists feel about it when they get up there. Snow in August is probably a novelty for out-of-staters … unless they were hoping for the typically great view from the 14,114-foot summit.

Pikes Peak summit rail stop this morning

Pikes Peak summit rail stop this morning. Click for current view.

On the summit:

Pikes Peak panoramic cams
Pikes Peak cog railway summit stop
Summit weather station with current conditions


P.S. This was a few minutes ago, at 2:11 pm. Whee!


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    • Thanks. But the credit goes to those who own and maintain the webcams. All I do is spend waaay too much time looking at them.

      • If by “out-of-staters” you meant people-who-feel-moral-indignation-about-inclement-weather, then I am compelled to say, it seems to me that a person of, ah, the Northern Hemisphere could be delighted and even gratified to experience what’s really the lightest sort of snow during the summer. Build a mini snowman, yes? The size of a Barbie 🙂

        • Don’t laugh. I’ve seen it happen several times. There are always snow patches up on Trail Ridge Road and often there will be a small snowman next to them. And I remember quite well how, as a child, I loved getting snowed on in August (when there were 100-degree days back home).

  1. Do you actually have trains running to the top of the mountain?

  2. We had a glorious summer here on the Pacific Northwest coast. Don’t want it to end! They tell us there is a big weather change in a few days…

“I cannot be an optimist but I am a prisoner of hope.” ~ Cornel West

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