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  1. No, kidding. A year ago I thought this would be great! Tons of material about Trump to make him look like the idiot he is. But as time went on, my interest dropped because I’m so sick and tired of his blatant lies that the media, and others, simply does not call him on. I haven’t watch the news for nearly a week now, which is very very unlike me. I just cannot stand to hear Trump’s voice even for 2 seconds. I cannot wait until tomorrow.

    • I feel exactly the same way. I normally have CNN on in the background all day, but I stopped that about two weeks ago. I’m sick of hearing all the endless speculation and sickest of all of seeing or hearing Trump. His face and voice and attitude are sickening. Hillary’s not much better, with every word and gesture so scripted. I’m sick of it all. The endless “news,” the phone calls, the commercials, the junk mail. And to make it worse, there are some ballot issues here that I really care a lot about.

Now that I've had my say ...

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