Need a smile?

18 thoughts on “Need a smile?”

  1. The meerkat and the birds both crack me up, as does the frog … the monkey is absolutely adorable (which is why the boy felt the need to get in front of me just now ,,, jealous). I needed this today! 😀

    1. I thought of him more as saying, “This is mine. I hope they don’t come take it away.” And look at his back feet. I sympathize with the cold feet!

  2. I wanted to hug the little monkey, poor little fella out in the cold, looking lost and forlorn with his snowball.The meerkat os priceless, Love ’em all. Now off to vist the rest 😀

  3. It’s hard to pick a winner out of that little lot, I love the lion rolling on her back laughing her head off, and I do believe that we had a fox diving into the snow last year; a phenomenon which you explained to me.

    I’m sure Sir Simon Rattle would recognize himself there; and I love that little cuddly white bear waving to it’s adoring fans.

    I’ll give them all a first prize. How can you discriminate amongst those deligtful creature; hyenas excepted, ugg 😀

    1. I have to agree about the hyena. Not sure how he got to be a finalist in a comedy competition. And I’ve seen the fox diving into snow many times.

      I think I’m drawn to the meerkat because his expression is the way I’ve felt for months (about the election). But it would be hard to pick just one winner from this bunch.

    1. As a group, birds seem to dominate the competition. The snowy owl is delightful, and the four little owls(?) on the ground cracked me up (well, one of them did).

      1. Who couldn’t love a owl? Hey i think we saw an eagle soaring/fishing over the lake this weekend. Gorgeous creature – there have been nests in the area, but I never sawa them fly – and they barricade areas off around nests to keep the annouing news/tourists from bothering the birds.
        Ducks are over head – you must be getting sweaters on

      2. Only light sweaters here. Temps are still in the 60s during the day. And not a flake of snow. Very warm and dry and sunny and weird.

        Eagles in flight are fabulous. I once went to a lake in Okla. where they winter in large numbers and spent several hours watching them doing everything you see on TV. Bald eagles. Majestic. Magnificent.

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