Big thumbs up to these businesses

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    1. I don’t recall businesses closing on election day, but I do recall most of my employers gave ample time off on that day to go vote. Probably varies by state, just like all the other election and voting procedures.

      1. Could be. Mom and Dad has a small business and I can remember them closing it when I was very young. But I don’t know when they stopped closing on election day.

    1. Seems like it’s been maybe the last 10 years or so. I blame the retailers who keep trying to get ahead of their competitors. Of course, opening on Thanksgiving wouldn’t be of any use to them if shoppers didn’t show up. Maybe it’s a generational thing, and the younger generations(s) just don’t care about anything as old-fashioned as Thanksgiving.

      1. Rhode Island, Maine, and Massachusetts still have blue laws prohibiting most stores from opening on Thanksgiving. As I recall, Connecticut still had blue laws when I lived there and only “milk stores” (convenience stores) were allowed to open on Sunday. And somehow we all survived.

      1. At the risk of sounding like the old woman I’ve become, I think the younger generation(s) just have no respect for tradition and stuffy ideas like celebrating “irrelevant” events from hundreds of years ago.

  1. It’s good to know so many are closing. I’m most happy for the employees. Thanksgiving has always seemed to be more of a “family” holiday than anything else to me.

    I just finished complaining myself about my neighbor already putting up his outside Christmas decorations. 🙁

    1. Oh gag! Isn’t it enough that the one day (Christmas) has grown to consume the entire month of December, and advertising and shopping for it begins in October!? (Okay, I can see putting up lights while the weather is still relatively mild, but don’t turn them on till after Thanksgiving. And don’t put up anything else obvious until then.)

      Yes, Thanksgiving to me has always meant family time. And for those without family nearby, at least friends.

  2. I’m with you. The madness must stop. And regaining a few tradtions would be nice, too.
    Maybe communities/society would be less angry all the time if everything just closed up and stopped once in a while – giving people a chance to stay home or be with family and just breath.

    1. What!? Stop for a whole day? Stay home with family? Boring! What a ridiculous idea. Besides, if “we” take a day off, “they” will get ahead of us.


  3. To prevent dictatorial majorities in the political arena our founders created our constitutional republic. The constitution provides the governments at every jurisdictional level with very limited powers and leaves the greater portion of power to states and individual citizens.

    Dictatorial majorities created Blue Laws in order to force minorities to conform to their (the majorities) particular beliefs.

    I applaud the fact that individual business’ can decide without dictatorial intervention when they are open and when they aren’t, and I detest individuals who believe they can initiate force against those they disagree with.

    But then, I’m an ANAL Libertarian.

    1. I wasn’t suggesting we reinstate blue laws or any other law that forces businesses to close on Thanksgiving. But it would be nice if more businesses followed the lead of those I listed and voluntarily closed on T-Day. Or, conversely, it would be nice if people would refuse to patronize them on Thanksgiving Day. But profit drives all the parties involved, so there’s no way it’s going to happen.

    1. It was, absolutely, because I think these businesses are the exceptional few. But until the BIG players like Walmart and Target join in, I don’t think the closings will be widespread.

      On the other hand, maybe there’s a ray of hope in that the Black Friday pricing and advertising has already begun, and online shopping has become extremely popular. Maybe everyone will realize they can stay home on thanksgiving and not miss out on anything. Maybe. But I’m not holding my breath.

    1. I really appreciate the businesses that close on Thanksgiving, and based on what I heard on the news that week, the list may be longer next year. I hope so.

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