Congratulations, Cubs!!

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  1. Being an Englishman reared on cricket, living in Australia where the National Game is cricket. I put both you Yankees to shame. I love Baseball YOUR NATIONAL GAME, and each year pick a team to follow and barrack(root) for; this year I selected; guess? Yep, you’re right the Cubs, and I’ve followed them as much as the Fox TV in Australia would allow.

    I followed every game from the first pitch in every game the Cubs played in the post season, and have been cheering them on all the way. Never missing an inning.

    Yesterday I made the latest appointment to see my doc, so that I would see the end of game 7, what happened we had rain delay, 20 minutes, then a tenth inning, it dragged on, (I rang the doc he was running ahead of schedule and I needed to be there on time)

    Zorbrist stepped up to the plate; I had to go, the doc was waiting.

    SO I MISSED THE FINISH!!!!!! :'( :'( :'(

    Just as an aside my son Nathan, (a dead ringer for #17 Bryant) same age as Zorbrist was a tremendous baseball player, Short Stop, Pitcher Outfielder and Batter, he won every prize and trophy possible in the league in which he played, I’m sure he’d have gone well in the US trouble is he stands around 5′ 6″ and the money doesn’t want little blokes in their teams just big guys 🙁

    1. I’m so sorry you missed the finish!! You’re obviously a big fan. Baseball is played worldwide, I must remember. But growing up in Oklahoma, I quickly, and very early, became a football fan. OU football was, and maybe still is, practically a religion in OK. And I’m an OU alum, so I followed them for quite a while. Then I got more interested in pro ball. Now I’m not a big fan of any sport, although I sort of pay attention to soccer since my son’s a big fan and the grandkids play.

      Again, I’m really sorry you missed the finish. It’s a shame the Cubs couldn’t have finished in Chicago, but I doubt the fans are complaining.

  2. Great series. I decided to go to sleep when game 7 went into extra innings. I figured the cubs would have a better chance of winning if I didn’t watch. You’re welcome.

    1. I barely stayed awake myself, but it was history. I wanted to see it live when it happened. TV sports are usually guaranteed to put me to sleep (I’ve had many great Sunday afternoon naps). But if your dozing off helped the Cubs, then their fans everywhere thank you.

  3. If you felt slight tremors in the earth, it probably was my Dad jumping up and down in his grave after Chicago finally won it. He was a rabid Cubby fan for some 50 years before the Braves moved to Milwaukee and most Wisconsinites switched allegiances. I was cheering the Cubs on this year simply because 108 years is a long time to be frustrated.

    1. Now you have me confused Richard, I thought the Braves were in Atlanta, Georgia, and Milwaukee had the Brewers, (who are in with a chance of having me following next season, which will give them a chance of the World Series 🙂 ,)

      I’m rather fond of the people from Wisconsin, (not so about their govenor – Republican who keeps emailing me) having met many. I do believe that Michigan should return their land to them too, by the way, they’ve had the use of it long enough,200 years since the Toledo War of 1835-1836!

      1. From Wikipedia:

        After various name changes, the team [Braves] eventually began operating as the Boston Braves, which lasted for most of the first half of the 20th century. Then, in 1953, the team moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and became the Milwaukee Braves, followed by the final move to Atlanta in 1966.


        The team [Brewers] was founded in 1969 as the Seattle Pilots, an expansion team of the American League (AL), in Seattle, Washington. The Pilots played their home games at Sick’s Stadium. After only one season, the team relocated to Milwaukee, becoming known as the Brewers and playing their home games at Milwaukee County Stadium. In 1998, the Brewers joined the National League.

        Wikipedia knows everything!

      1. Gee, what kind of celebration is it without some rioting, burning, turning over of cars, etc? /sarcasm
        You’ve every right to be proud!

  4. Oh I forgot, Thanks for that info, the only ones that I knew that had changed cities was the Dodgers and the Giants, both from NY I believe.
    I wonder why they change cities but keep the names, perhaps it’s because they buy and sell teams there which always strikes me as strange.

    1. Professional sports are big business here, as is the buying and selling of the teams. Sometimes the teams keep their names when they change cities, and sometimes they don’t. I think it’s a huge disservice to their loyal fans and the cities who support the teams, but in the end it’s all about the money.

  5. I, like you, had no horse in the race but was pulling for Chicago also. All my sentiments lay with Wrigley Field I suppose. Again like you I left all my baseball fervor back in the forties and fifties. It seemed a magic time back then and the New York Yankees, Brooklyn Dodgers and baseball stadiums like Wrigley Field were all participants in that magic for me. I know the names of so few players these days but back in those days it seems I knew them all. 🙂

    1. I had only two reasons for following baseball at all back then … Mickey Mantle was from my home state, and I imagined myself playing baseball when I played playground softball. Even then, I was starting to watch pro football. I had a set of little felt pennants, one from each team, up on my wall (and hadn’t remembered it until just now).

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