Comedy Wildlife photo judges got it wrong

Who knew there was a Comedy Wildlife Photography competition? Endless opportunities for hilarious photos, yet these were the top three winners. The first one is cute. But comic? I don’t see it. Both Second and Third Place are far funnier, IMHO, although admittedly the judges had a tough job.  What’s sad is all those that didn’t/couldn’t make the top three. I’ve included a few of my favorites, but to see them all you’ll have to go to the The Weather Channel website. Trust me, it’s worth your time.

Winner. ‘Rush Hour.’ (Julian Rad / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards)
SILVER Runner up Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
Silver Runner Up. ‘Anyone asks, you haven’t seen me!’ (William Richardson / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards)
BRONZE Runner up Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
Bronze Runner Up. ‘What you looking at? I’ve almost got it…’ (Oli Dreike / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards)
Highly Commended. ‘Dancing Sifaka.’ (Alison Buttigieg / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards)
Highly Commended. ‘It’s not funny…I’ve got cramp in my flipper!’ (Julie Hunt / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards)

In this the first year of the competition, 1,502 entries were submitted from 52 countries. The Grand Prize winner received a photographic safari in Tanzania with Joynson-Hicks as guide and tutor and a Nikon D750 camera with a 24-85 mm lens. Silver and Bronze winners received cameras.

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