When words fail

8 thoughts on “When words fail”

  1. How can I like this?

    How can anybody like this?

    Perhaps, had I have been the cartoonist, I’d have drawn my cartoon with a coffin, as the centrepiece.

    For whom the bell tolls; the Uited States of America.

  2. In searching through the blogs and articles I usually read every morning, I see a total absence of optimism and humor. Even the cartoons, (as above) are sad. We must support each other through this…

  3. Take a breath. A nearly equal number of people would be feeling that way if Hillary would have been elected. I didn’t want either one of them, so I don’t feel like celebrating either.

      1. Perhaps I should have said “sane” instead of “rational.” Or whatever appropriately distinguishes her temperament from Trump’s erratic narcissism and nauseating misogyny. But I understand you think neither is/was fit for office, so it’s a moot point.

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