The whole world was watching

6 thoughts on “The whole world was watching”

  1. I never get depressed. Never. I’m 52 years old and this is probably the most depressed I’ve ever felt. And they have the House and Senate. What’s going to happen to my insurance? They will repeal it in a heartbeat and not give a squat about those who are losing their insurance. And all forward movement in renewable energy will be halted and probably reversed.

    1. Not that lots of people haven’t lost their insurance under Obamacare. My son and his wife have lost their coverage 4 times in 5 years! With two kids, that’s a lot of worrying and scrambling. But I get the depression. I can hardly move. The Supreme Court and many of its decisions will be turned upside down. SS and Medicare will be attacked — and I’m totally dependent on both. Yep, renewable energy will get kicked back to the last century. And war … I’m terribly afraid of war, especially with nukes. Basically I see nothing but bad things coming from this.

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