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Protesting, Colorado style

Yep, it’s been mighty warm and dry here. For far too long. Not that folks don’t like sunny days in the 60s and 70s. Or even some record-breaking days in the 80s. But all that nonsense should have ended at least a month ago. I had my sprinkler system turned off the first week of October so I could stop worrying about being caught off guard by an early freeze. As a result I was out last week hand-watering the new trees I put in last spring and still waiting for the first freeze. And if the promised cooldown next week doesn’t bring some moisture, I’ll probably be doing it again.

I hope those guys on the corner are more effective than the raindancers and cloud-seeders we used to have in Oklahoma.


  1. Gosh, would it not be a different nation if the weather or even something as benign as traffic flow was all we had to raise our united voices over… 🙂

    • I don’t know, and I’m not convinced even the meteorologists know for sure. Dry winters can have dire consequences — economic problems for those dependent on winter snow (ski resorts, etc.) and even more serious, water supply. Most of Colorado’s water comes from snowmelt. Ditto the Colorado River, which supplies water to much of the Southwest and already can’t meet demands.

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