Biden: ‘Grow up, Donald’

12 thoughts on “Biden: ‘Grow up, Donald’”

  1. Would you believe, that this is the first time I have ever heard VP Biden ‘s voice. There has never been anything on our mediam where he has appearedm or spokenm as far as I’m aware. He seems like a good man and should have run instead of Hillary.
    He certainly made more sense in this one brief remark, than trump has made, ever!

    1. I think he’s a very good, very well-intentioned individual. Very likable despite occasional clumsy comments. I was extremely disappointed that he decided not to run (he was still mourning the death of his son).

    2. Hillary was a good, viable candidate–by far the most qualified. There is still a lot of latent misogyny in the US, from both men and women.

      1. Well I’m certainly not; I’m all for women running the world. It’d be a far safer place that’s for sure.

        I was most happy when we had Julia Gillard as our Prime Minister, she was one of the best Australia has had; unfortunately the misogynists in this country made sure she was disposed of quickly.

        It was a very sad day for democracy here! 🙁

  2. Given those who were actually in a position to throw their hat in the ring for President, Biden was very, very high on my list. I watched that interview on PBS and loved it.

    I’ve been waiting all morning for your post on Meryl Streep, are you sleeping late or what? 😀

    1. I didn’t watch the Golden Globes. From what I’ve heard, I agree completely with what Streep said, but I’ve never thought award ceremonies were the proper place for political statements.

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