Bull in a gift shop

There’s never a dull moment is Estes Park, Colo., thanks to the local wildlife. Today it was a bull elk that wandered into Water Wheel Gift Corner. He hung around in the shop for about 45 minutes, to the great consternation of owner Prateek Shakya. Shakya was trapped in the shop the whole time because there was no back door. Meanwhile, police were outside the entire time, trying to lure the elk out with apples. He left once, then came back in, before finally leaving for good.

Apparently no damage was done, although one display was almost knocked over. Rather remarkable given the tight quarters and the size of the animal.

9 News Denver aired the story this evening, and their report is shorter and easier to hear than this longer video (which starts with a loud blast and then becomes almost inaudible). There’s also a brief video shot by a spectator who was watching from the sidewalk out front.

A large elk herd winters in and around Estes, so their presence is not at all uncommon. But until today none have been seen patronizing a local shop.

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  1. Well, that’s nothing like those ‘funniest video’ shows. He just looks like he decided to casually stop in while out window shopping. As far as the lack of damage goes, check out this clip from The Mythbusters…

    • Heh, this is great. I guess they don’t want to bump into things any more than we do — unless they’re scared or angry. I thought that one display might crash when the elk juggled it, and I kept looking at that glass display case to the left of the door.

      Somewhere in the story the shop owner said he was glad the elk didn’t poop while inside. With thousands of dollars of merchandise at stake, I doubt I’d have thought about that. But then, he had 45 minutes to worry about what might happen.

  2. You stated that there was no back door. Is there one now?


  1. The elk outside the gift shop – Pied Type

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