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  1. I’m not going to like this PT and you know why; but why is Mrs. Obama the out going First Lady, wearing red (GOP Color – US spelling, not mine) and the new first lady (Non-capitalization intended) wearing blue (Democrats Color – US spelling,not mine).

    At least President Obama wore the right colour (my spelling not the US) as is the new potus

  2. OMG! That’s hilarious! Just what I needed after hearing updates throughout the day on talk radio about the bullsh*t Trump is doing. Firing off executive orders like he’s putting up post-it notes. Now, wasn’t the GOP all fit to be tied when in the last couple years Obama started using his executive power since Congress wasn’t going to get anything done? Now the GOP Congress doesn’t give a hoot.

    • The people at BLR are so good at what they do. They constantly amaze and always entertain. Some of the lines might not strike you as funny … but then the next one will have you rolling on the floor.

  3. Revel in this satire while we can, everybody. I now have a vision that sometime in the coming four years that this kind of thing will be suppressed as unpatriotic and deserving of harassment, if not punishment.

    • Maybe I’m too old to fear what they think they can do to me, but I’m not afraid of having my voice shut down… besides it WAS/IS hilarious. When I get those oriental folks calling to tell me I owe the IRS money, I tell them to come and get it. Same thing with this domestic bstard.

      • The more Trump tries to shut down humor at his expense, the worse it will get for him. He’s been critical of Alec Baldwin’s impersonation on SNL and now we’re stuck with Baldwin almost every week (personally I don’t like him and I don’t think his impersonation is funny). And it’s obvious the mainstream media have trained all their guns on him (better late than never) since he declared war on them.

"A republic, if you can keep it." -- Benjamin Franklin

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