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  1. Taj is a fitting nickname for a handsome guy. Much as i enjoy Harry Potter, poor little Denver Zoo’s Dobby, also a handsome guy, deserved a better name. So glad you have been checking on them– totally forgot they promised a naming contest. More giraffe posts beats much of the depressing/infuriating daily junk with which we are stuck, so no complaints from me! (baby giraffes sure grow quickly)

    • I plead guilty to becoming rather infatuated with giraffes. Certainly more than before I started looking in on April. And the baby giraffes are so adorable I can hardly stand it. Yes, I think a Swahili name is an excellent idea, and Taj sounds as elegant and exotic as giraffes actually are. But Dobby is still mighty cute too. I be tempted to go see him if there weren’t so much walking involved.

  2. They look such placid animals, so I was surprised recently when watching a David Attenborough program and there were two male giraffes in a fight to the death. I admit I switched it off.
    It’s hard to imagine and I’d much rather not, they appear such gentle beasts!

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