Oops, we had a little snowstorm

10 thoughts on “Oops, we had a little snowstorm”

  1. It’s not only Colorado. Weird weather has been the norm in many parts of the world. We haven’t had a full day of sunshine, or over 50F temperatures since October. Not what we, in the Pacific North West expect in spring!

    1. What you describe sounds exactly like I picture the Pacific Northwest year ’round. I realize that’s a stereotype, but I’d rather have a lot more sunshine (between the snow storms).

    1. Has it been 6 years already? Seems like just last year. I’ve read that climate change and global warming will manifest as more extremes in weather. Hope that doesn’t mean adding F6 to the Fujita scale. Maybe just more F5s. Oh goodie …

  2. I know, right? I had the swamp cooler hooked up about 3 weeks ago and had used it a couple days. Then, for the past few nights, I’ve had to turn the heater a bit to get the chill out of the house. Crazy weather. Well, at least it’s not in the 90’s instead.

    1. I’m surprised my thermostat hasn’t croaked by now from the constant switching from heat to a/c to heat. Happens every spring and fall, but snow this late is ridiculous.

      1. Hadn’t thought of that.
        Can you send a couple of “Indians” schooled in the art of the rain dance to help us out, along with some snow.

        We will be getting some snow over the next three months down south, but not that much.
        It’ll make a few people happy for a while

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