With apologies for my webcam addiction, here’s a great one in Denver

13 thoughts on “With apologies for my webcam addiction, here’s a great one in Denver”

  1. Can’t imagine any other addiction as good for you! You have seen more and enjoyed it via webcam than you ever would have driving around at all hours in all wx conditions. Not a webcam, but have you seen the snowplow views from up by Rock Cut today? Oh, back to your new cam — if only those skyline hogging buildings weren’t blocking those gorgeous peaks 🙂

    1. I do wish I could find a webcam that did justice to the view I had today, from near that park I took you to. All the peaks from maybe 11,000 ft and up, are snow white (literally!). They are covered so solidly it looks like somebody poured paint over them. And today the sky was a cloudless bright blue with brilliant sunshine. I actually thought about snow blindness and wondered if my brother has to wear sunglasses when he looks out his west windows on a day like today. (No doubt the glass is tinted, but I thought about it anyway.)

      I’ll have to go look for those Rock Cut photos. I’ve been thinking about the plows this week. They met last week just north of the Visitor Center. But then the big storm came through …

      1. That looks cold and beautiful at the same time! I know the Park posted plow views, try Images of rmnp, rmc, and E P news– surely still there on one of them. Must be hungry– imagining those mountains wearing that solid brilliant white like poured paint… Made me think of fondant or royal icing, then cake, then ice cream… And i have to pass by a wendys and a DQ to get home. My odds on making it without stopping? Not too good!

    1. Depends on whether you mean just the incorporated City of Denver or the greater Denver metro, with all its suburban communities. I’ve superimposed a rough outline of the Denver metro on the Sydney metro here.

      1. Thanks PT, that’s very clever the way you did that. Got me beat. 🙂
        I’ve just checked and find the total population of Colorado is approx 5.500,000, the total population of Sydney is approx.5.005.000

      2. I’d have never guessed that. But then again, it is a big coastal city like those in the U.S. We spread out a lot more in this part of the country, which is why I prefer it.

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