Rally Cat, best story of the week

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  1. Thanks for that PT. I tuned in right after while they were talking about it (and the grand slam), but missed the actual action. Little guy put up quite a fight, didn’t he (or she)?

    1. One report said First Aid sent him on to the hospital for evaluation, antibiotics, etc. He was there for two hours. And being feral, Rally Cat will probably be held for observation for rabies, just in case.

  2. The Cardinals should keep him as their mascot now, get rid of the birds on their uniforms and shove Rally Cat there in place. =^-^=

    Haven’t seen a walk off Grand Slam in yonks, and missed this one thanks to Fox and Australian Telstra, the only cable/satellite available here.

    During Baseball season, except for the World Series we’re lucky to get one game a day, which usually features the Red Sox or Yankees

    As you may recall I’m an avid Baseball fan.

    Thanks or the post, you’ve made my day, and seeing as I’ve just arisen from my nights R&R, it will be a long and good one 😀 =^-^= :bear:

      1. Silly me! I should have looked ; yes indeed it was the bottom of the 6th. I still would have enjoyed it though, nothing like a Grand Slam to brighten the day 🙂 =^-^= theres that damned cat again, shoo get outta here!

  3. Pity the clip doesn’t show me the Grand Slam.

    They need to train the cat catchers obviously.

    Had he have grabbed the cat by the scruff of the neck; just like cats are used to being carried by their mothers; then the RC would have just dangled there quite happily =^-^= meow

    1. Here’s a video of the cat removal that includes the grand slam that followed.
      As a lifelong cat owner, I can attest that scruffed or not, if a cat wants you, he’ll get you. Only sure thing is “burrito wrap” with a towel or wear some good heavy gloves. Maybe Aussie cats are more docile. Also, this little guy was feral. For all he knew he was fighting for his life.

      1. Why do I think of you as a dog person.
        Our cats are vicious although I did know two once, a mother and daughter cat Boots & Socks. The mother outlived the daughter by a few months, died about 15 years old. That was at the Hordern Hotel that I started to write about a few weeks back
        Thanks for the GS, always a thrill to watch! =^-^=

      2. I’ve always had a dog and at least one cat. Occasionally more. I’m a sucker for strays (and somehow strays always know where the suckers live).

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