Let’s start the week with a smile

Car tries to drive around traffic. Submitted by GameStunts

On Reddit there’s a subreddit called “Better Every Loop.” It features GIFs that readers think are entertaining and get better with every loop or repetition.

Tastes vary, but these amused and entertained me. And there’s much more where these came from.

Cotton candy wizardry. Submitted by CaptainPotassium
Submitted by hate_mail
Bathtub flirting. Submitted by Heretical_Infidel


    1. Gotta love karma. I’ll bet all the other drivers were cheering.
      I was once passed by a guy speeding by on the shoulder. Shortly thereafter he was stopped by a bridge abutment, and nobody would give him room to get back in line!

      1. And why would they? Damned sure I wouldn’t. I was a professional driver for 30 years, Drove more than 2 million kilometres around Sydney. I copped one ticket (citation) for speeding, which I should never have got. I was nowhere near the speed camera that booked me at the time. Had a few very small bingles but in 2001 I was struck hard by a Korean bloke running a red, and also not giving way to a vehicle on his right, narrowly missing a lady with a baby in a stroller. and I kind of lost my nerve for a few years and stopped driving.

        1. I’ve never forgotten the few scrapes I’ve been in and to this day similar circumstances will make me flinch. And those were only fender benders. It’s easy to see how something worse would make me hesitant to drive again. You can be the best driver in the world and still get nailed by an irresponsible or inattentive idiot.

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