USAF Lt Gen Silveria urges ‘civil discourse’ or ‘get out’

23 thoughts on “USAF Lt Gen Silveria urges ‘civil discourse’ or ‘get out’”

  1. He should be seated at the Resolute Desk in The Oval Office.
    The difference between a real leader and that divisive, egomaniac occupying that room and seated at that desk immeasurable

    1. I want to think most of our military leaders are like this, especially the ones close to the president who are, I hope, keeping a close eye and tight rein on him. But there are always a few bad apples, as we’ve seen, and it would only take one thoughtless moment on Trump’s part to do something that could never be undone. Have I mentioned the man scares the bejesus out of me?

      1. I think the sane world PT.

        As for the military leaders I read a few weeks back an Admiral in the USN said that if President Trump gave him the order to launch missiles on N Korea , he’d do it without hesitation .
        The US after WWII made it clear that obeying orders was no defence for war crimes; the Nuremberg defence , as it became known, must apply equally to the US commanders of today just as it applied to the Nazi commabnders of WWII, should they start a war, that they probably cannot win.

      2. Our generals can advise, cajole, and plead with the president. But if he orders them to launch an attack, they are trained to do so without hesitation. There won’t be any discussion of war crimes, illegal orders, or Nuremberg until well afterwards.

      3. Then they are trained much as the Germans were.
        The English (British) train their troops, differently.
        There was an English Admiral (Admiral Byng) executed on the quarterdeck of his Flagship back in the late 18th century for obeying an order that “Their Lordships’ at the Admiralty later deemed he should have ignored..
        Nelson was hailed as a great hero for disobeying a direct order from his C-in-C and winning a battle. not sure which one it was now, may have been Copenhagen,
        His C-in-C was wrong and Nelson knew it.
        And that is how all officers in the British forces are trained even until this day. If the Queen on the instructions from the British PM was to order an attack and the Officer in charge thought it wrong his training would be to tell the Queen and PM to go to hell!

      4. We learn a lot of lessons from history and hindsight. Obviously I’m not a military person but it seems to me there has to be discipline in the military, and the expectation that soldiers will follow the orders they are given. Otherwise there would be utter chaos. It can be difficult in the moment to know if an order is legal and moral and should be followed, or if it’s a bad idea or illegal and should be ignored. Any soldier who disobeys an order knows he’s risking his career. If it turns out he was right to disobey, he may be lauded as a hero. If he was wrong, he could lose his career and maybe his life. Our president is officially our commander-in-chief. Maybe not a bad idea if he has some military experience. Maybe not a good idea if he has no experience and worse if he’s unwilling to listen to his generals. If he has no military experience and is dangerously erratic and unbalanced … well, I guess we’ll find out.

      5. The senior officer on the spot should and must have the discretion to use his initative,
        I’m a firm believer in that, and bugger the politicians sitting back out of harms way. There is no out of harms way now and the sooner some like chump learn that the better

    1. Time well spent, I believe. Wish we could force feed it into every American’s head. Disrespect, insults, and rage beget only disrespect, insults, and rage.

  2. Our military (as well as political office holders) all swear an oath to uphold, protect and defend the CONSTITUTION, Not a person. No matter what their title is. But as we’ve seen over the course of history, many do not seem to recognize the distinction. Many in congress but the media and Trump especially don’t.

    1. An important distinction and clarification that I didn’t think to mention. Thanks. Still, I worry about Trump deciding impulsively to launch nukes against North Korea or someone else in a fit of pique. Are there people around him who can ensure that doesn’t happen?

  3. A recent example is Robert Francis (Beto) O’Rourke declaring that if elected President he would come and take my AR and/or AK rifle.  No LEO could legally implement that threat without ignoring their oath.  People who believe in that manner (like Robert Francis O’Rourke) should attempt to repeal the constitutional prohibition against government infringing on it’s citizens right to own and bear arms.  

      1. This early in a presidential race, I remain skeptical about almost everything anyone says or promises. But if the polls are any indication, you needn’t worry about him.

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