If they’d been armed …

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    1. Congress is the joke. A very sorry one. About the only thing they’re likely to approve is their own pay raises (and raises on any caps on donations from corporate entities, which, as we all know, are people).

      1. John The Cook…Blaming guns and high capacity clips and military assault guns for Columbine,Sandy Hook and now LasVegas would be like blaming cars and alcohol for drunk drivers!…It’s the people…Not the objects of their affections. When is the last time you heard of a gun,bottle of alcohol, or a car hurt anybody of its own accord? It takes a human to drive the action and laws will never control a person, There must be HUNDREDS of laws on the books that speak to guns,alcohol and cars…and we see just how well they are working…NOT!

      2. I think it’s very simple, John. To carry out a mass shooting, you need things that shoot, ie, guns. We’re not discussing mass stabbings, mass axe murders, or mass beatings.

      3. John The Cook…In discussing mass shootings,guns will be needed.Any moron can find a way to get a gun and use it and no gun control law will ever prevent that from happening as proven by the number of laws already enforced by local and National regulations concerning gun control. I think we as a society need to wake up and realize its the PEOPLE who are the problem and not what they choose to use to kill others. Remember 9/11? Not a single shot was fired and yet OVER 2,000. people were killed. I am so thankful that the morons of our society have not found a way to use a more lethal way of killing a mass amount of people. Right now guns are the object of their affection. If and when they are to hard to find,they will find other means to carry out their demented killings.

  1. Obama approved bump stops. Stupid idea, couldn’t figure out at the time why he did that. Hunters don’t need them and recreational shooters (I hear some go to ranges for that, everyone has their thing)
    What really concerns me is once again there is so little talk about helping families who know their relatives are mentally unstable and need intervention. (Known mental issues at the bottom of so many killings)
    This one’s still unfolding – our theory is the guy was aging and new he was slipping cognitively/no longer at the top of his game and was angry and decided since people hadn’t celebrated his abilities and high intelligence when he was younger (he was quite demanding to the point of being abusive to girlfriend and workers in casinos he visited but the tolerated it because he had money) so he was gonna get even with everyone. Who gave him the anxiety drugs? What did they have to say?
    Sigh. People cars, guns, sticks, acid (about to be banned in the UK). Angry people are dangerous people…and there’s far too much anger and violence out there – people barely blink any more at TV/movies/music/football player and celebrities antics….done all this to ourselves?
    We have to stop glorify and excusing anti-social behavior, and go back to “don’t kill” Then maybe we have a chance as a species

    1. Maybe Obama didn’t know what bump stocks do, or didn’t have the foresight to understand how they could be misused. Who knows.

      Way too much anger these days, and fewer inhibitions (freedom of speech, you know). It worries me that there are so many guns within easy reach of so many angry people.

      If we’re going to stop glorifying and excusing antisocial behavior, the White House would be a good place to start.

      1. All the more reason to put for for one topic one bill…with just as much luck to happen as term limits.
        Let’s move the capital to mid west somewhere and simply forget to tell any of the existing sitting legislators?

      2. I’ve always thought we should require only one topic per bill and enforce term limits. For all the good it will ever do me …

        Getting the capital off the coast. Great idea! Make ’em live in real America.

  2. I’ve always thought we should require only one topic per bill and enforce term limits. For all the good it will ever do me …

    I voted for the only candidate who championed that change. Long ago. But, of course, the media said he was un-electable. Ron Paul.

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