Please get your flu shot

12 thoughts on “Please get your flu shot”

  1. Mollie and I always get them. The timing is iffy though and I can’t recall a time when the flu actually started before Christmas. What do you think?

    1. I’ve always gotten mine in Sept or Oct, whenever they become available and I find a convenient time. Although I’ve heard from some sources that you can wait until sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving, so that your protection runs farther into spring, most commonly it seems like the advice is don’t wait and risk forgetting. Go ahead and get it now. (I’d planned to wait till my doctor appt. near the end of this month, but there was no one else at the pharmacy yesterday so I went ahead with it). Local news the other night said flu was starting early this year … but I tend not to trust reporters for my medical news. The CDC recommends getting vaccinated before the end of October.

      And don’t forget, it takes two weeks for the antibodies to fully develop.

  2. Got mine about the same time. (And that darn stuff is so thick it hurts going in and leaves a lump. The senior version makes me tired for a day, but whatever. I feel like my dog – up on all my shots now)
    They do say the flu season is starting early. You got Fluzone High-Dose or Fluad versions?

    1. I got Fluzone HIgh Dose. That’s what they offered. My arm was sore for a day or two. No biggie. I heard the strains in this year’s vaccines are pretty accurate. That’s reassuring.

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