Time to march again!

11 thoughts on “Time to march again!”

  1. Maybe if people opened their eyes to what’s really happened over the past year instead of listening to the manufactured crises and lies of mainstream media, you’d realize there is nothing to march against. Unemployment (including black and Hispanic) way down. Economy booming and getting better every day. One cannot blame Trump for the mess in North Korea, which has evolved over the past quarter century. There has been NO evidence of collusion with the Russians. Jobs are up. And contrary to the latest attacks, Trump was given a complete physical by the same guy who examined Obama and Bush, and deemed in excellent health mentally and physically and — shocking to some reporters — does not wear dentures.
    The people railing against Trump these days are the same people who stood in line for handouts from him for the last 40 years, including Sharpton and others. Why does the King family support him if he is so racist?

    Yes, he says things that are politically incorrect. But actions speak louder than words. How has your retirement savings account done in the last 12 months?

    Open your minds to reality, not rhetoric.

    1. Employment and the economy are complex mechanisms far beyond the control of any one man, even the president. I don’t blame Trump for the mess in North Korea but I certainly blame him for exacerbating the tension with them. I’ll let Bob Mueller decide if there has been prosecutable collusion with the Russians. Trump was not examined by a psychiatrist, who would probably say he has narcissistic personality disorder, something a routine physical would not pick up. Nor, as far as I know, was an IQ test administered.

      Many people like me who rail against him are middle-class, college-educated moderates (and in my case, independent not Dem). I never stood in line for handouts from anybody. And I don’t need (or necessarily trust) the media to tell me what he’s like. One need only watch what he says and does.

      Then there’s the still-unsettled matter of the 19 women who have accused Trump of sexual assault …

      The man condemns himself every time he opens his mouth. Or tweets something.

  2. I’m absolutely dumbfounded that so many white women voted for this jerk. How can any women, white or otherwise, support this bigot? I just don’t understand. (fyi – this Saturday is the 20th – you said Sat. Jan 21).

    1. Oops. Correcting that right now. Last year it was the 21st, this year it’s the 20th.

      For a number of years, as I’ve often noted, I’ve wondered why any woman would vote Republican. I’m still wondering.

      1. There was a mistake on the news this evening, seems some doctor thinks that potus has a heart problem.
        Doesn’t one first need a heart before they can have a problem?

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