Free the children, lock up Sessions

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  1. Well, we’ve now got 19 days for the kids to be with parents (Fed law says 20 days max for kids to be in Gov’s “custodial care” – then it’s foster homes/shelters.
    Please contact/email your elected Congressional representatives and ask them to support the immigration reform bill now in the House that is supported by/ great deal of input from Florida’s Representative Carlos Curbelo. It’s one of 2 bills up for a vote today. (Not that I have any faith in that bunch of spoiled disagreeable opportunist children to try and find a compromise and solution)
    Honestly I’ve felt for years that children if not allowed to stay with parents should be kept very near them – so they could possibly eat together/see each other/. reunite so much faster and easier once what ever process was complete and decisions made.
    This practice has been in effect since Bush signed it – and reinforced/mandated by 2 fed. court orders – there just were fewer people streaming over and it was kept quiet until now – only those states near border saw it or had to deal with the kids who’s expenses for schooling and other costs became shoved onto the state and local taxpayers…but we managed…they were kids. Former President Obama even got on tv during his time in office and told people that children would be separated and to please stop taking the risk. Hillary made similar comments during her campaign. It’s been a long term bad idea. Laura Bush needs to shut it as she never said a peep of protest when the Congress enacted this darn process under her husband’s term in office.She’s from TX – she knew what was going on.
    I do not know how Sessions got where he is. Quoting the Bible was always considered a tool debaters/people arguing used when they could think of no other argument. He was however following the law as written (as his boss said to do in all instances). Congress needs to stop thinking about reelection and picnics and baseball games and summer until their work is done.
    Enough posturing and weeping and playing for the cameras on both sides.
    Some parents are not risking crossing the border now – waiting to see what will happen. Maybe the short lull can be used to get things done.
    Families can still go to official ports of entry and ask for asylum. Under those conditions, families are always kept together until process is complete. ,But they have to get in line and it’s long and they don’t wish to wait their turn- or secretly know they do not have justification to be granted asylum. In any case, seems lie it would make sense to try and move personnel to ports of entry and try to speed up that process.
    In 19 days once again kids will be in crisis….because of laws written and passed by Congress years ago.

    1. The process was inhumane when it started, whenever that was, and it’s still inhumane. As I noted above, I don’t approve of illegal entries to this country, but I do think families should be treated as units. Whether they are allowed to stay, or deported, families should be kept together. The kids shouldn’t be incarcerated for their parents’ decision. Foster homes and shelters are for orphans. Kids who have parents should be with those parents and cared for by those parents.

      1. johnthecook…What we have here is a failure to understand our current immigration policies and how they should be enforced. President Trump did not start these problems,he just inherited them from a group of Congressmen who have neither the stomach or the will to correct the problems via a Constitutional Amendment.
        President Trump is trying to fix “one of the problems” as other US Presidents have with a stroke of the pen. I think it is like trying to put a band-aid on a gushing artery.IT WON’T WORK! America has a real problem here,even a chrises. This is not going to be an easy fix.

      2. I’ve written a lot about the problem of illegal immigration. Strict enforcement of existing laws would be a good start, since we aren’t even doing that. It includes penalizing employers who, in violation of the law, hire undocumented workers.

        As for fixing the problem with a constitutional amendment, that’s an extremely complicated, lengthy process. Congress can propose an amendment, but does not have the power to enact it. The states still have to approve it.

        You’re right, no matter how it’s done (if it’s ever done), solving the problem will be extremely difficult.

  2. I have an idea for everyone out there who doesn’t see the BIG picture. And of course, I’m going to be sarcastic. Why not just open up the borders with Mexico and Canada? What the hell, let’s just do it! We can allow every individual who wants to break the law by ILLEGALLY crossing the border to bring a child (the child doesn’t have to be his or hers by the way) and we’ll just let them in. Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama. Let’s invite our neighbors from South America also; Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil. And wait, why stop there, how about Africa? African nations are really having a rough time of it. Mali, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, Nigeria… you get the picture.

    When are the people of this country (USA) going to grow a spine and stop succumbing to political pressure from the liberal media and liberals at large? BTW, I’m not a republican OR a Trump supporter. But this nonsense has to STOP! We cannot fix the world’s problems at our expense!!! Central America is a mess, the Middle East is a mess, Afghanistan and Pakistan are a mess, North Korea is a mess… How about taking care of ourselves, of U.S. citizens, and let other people fix their own problems? The amount of money being spent on this immigration BS is absurd, and why, for what, how does this help the average citizen? Certainly none of the Hollywood elite will be affected if another million illegal immigrants enter our country, either will any of the politicians. They’ll still be living behind walls, in private neighborhoods, traveling the world in private planes and yachts. It’s the middle class, it’s always the middle class, that gets screwed! Please people, use some common sense. WE NEED TO ENFORCE OUR LAWS!!!

    1. I’ve always said we are a nation of laws and we should enforce them. Otherwise, what’s the point of having them? That includes enforcing the borders. A border isn’t a border if, as you point out, anyone can cross it anytime. And it seems to me that without borders, we don’t have a country.

      For the record, I don’t belong to any political party. I’m a registered unaffiliated voter.

    2. johnthecook…BINGO,you hit the nail squarely on the head. I still think a Constitutional Amendment would work,but it is a fairly lengthy process and our current and past Congressmen/women have neither the will or stomach to make it happen. They would rather bellyache,moan and groan and point their crooked fingers at each other and do the “blame game”. It is also obvious that the News Media is playing right into their abysmal efforts to get the job done.
      In terms of how fast a Constitutional Amendment can be ratified…since 1960 it has taken on average 371 days,not taking into account the 27th Amendment. Bottom line…our Congressional leaders are not worth the $174,000. per year they get paid to do a job that needs to be done!

      1. I don’t know if the existing immigration problems would be better solved by amendment or just by strict enforcement of existing laws, with whatever new laws are needed to plug the holes. It can be done, if lawmakers would just work for the good of the country instead of their own enrichment and re-election.

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