Me and my lyin’ eyes

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  1. That is unbelievable.
    All those beautiful homes are going to be gobbled up by the ocean, They must have cost a fortune and now they are worthless. Who would be mug enough to buy one,
    Perhaps trump might like to swoop in and buy the lot ( wasn’t he some sort of real estate con man /developer!) for a cheap price and flog them off when all the panic stops and every body wakes up that there’s no such thing as global warming

  2. People who build along shores of water know the dangers and potential problems.
    What is different in some place is that many areas – like the Jersey Shore have not been hit big time in generations – it’s the old “it won’t happen to me”. Many of the large beach communities are handed down in families with each new family building it bigger and better. Ostrich head in the sands. Party never ends – until it does.
    If you are by the water – any water – it will flood eventually/storms will batter – maybe in your life time, but eventually. With the internet and crisis driven media, everyone has seen picture – no pleading ignorance.
    I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone who builds in a dangerous area – right one level of a sandy beach, ocean front, sink holes, earthquake zones, tornadoes, mountain fires – it is a risk you take hoping there will be more good times than bad and you can weather the storms. Calculated risk. I have lived in high risk zones of one sort or another. A choice. Pay your money, choose your risk, but don’t whine when something happens
    As you say, people need to be evaluating. The planet has been warming since the last ice age – a degree or two a year and over time, the geography and climate of areas changes (this area used to be ocean floor – so it will be again someday. No big news). Predictions are south of us will become more desert-like with drought driving migrations as much as politics. People need to get serious about water.
    (And stop demanding bailouts – especially if they haven’t taken any proactive steps themselves like building appropriately and paying for insurance – even if you don’t think it’s needed)

    1. I do believe the oceans are rising, however slowly. The ice melting in the polar regions has to go somewhere. If you don’t believe it’s melting, ask a polar bear.

      1. Of course it’s melting – the planet is warming. Anyone who doesn’t see that shouldn’t be let out without a keeper.
        Humans as simply ant-like creatures taking a ride on a large object far out of their understanding or ability to control?
        (Hawaii’s volcano is slowing right now? Guess that’s the end of new land for a bit. Hopefully, the Yellowstone cauldron will remain silent – as least as long as we’re around! That would be another major game changer – what species would sort out and emerge on top then do you think? Humans might find their limitations.)

  3. This is somewhat like a nightmare that I had quite often years back. I can’t believe that anyone still lives there! Mother Nature wants the land back.

    1. Yep, you couldn’t pay me to live there. I gather from the video that a lot of those are summer homes. But still, they say the water’s never been this high.

    1. I suppose there are hazards almost everywhere. I’ve always thought I wanted to live in the mountains. But with all the forest fires … now, not so much. Now the dream is just to have a sweeping, unobstructed view of the mountains to the west. (Yeah, me and the millionaire paying for it!)

  4. I am so sick of people saying “fake news.” I’m at the point where I think we need to think of the future of the planet and just let these ignorant fools die off. Give them Antarctica and leave them there, where they can natter on about how global warming doesn’t exist because they’re dying of exposure to the cold. (This is why I haven’t written lately. Every time I touch a keyboard I want to punch someone.)

  5. Amazes me how ignorant some people are. Pumping pollutants of all kinds into the environment and air, plus the deforestation, fracking, and any other act that damages the environment is going to affect the earth in some manner. We are all cohesive — acts that take place in China, for example, may have effects in Antarctica. There is a simple law in physics that applies to thus — for each and every action, there as an opposite and equal reaction.

    1. Widespread ignorance doesn’t amaze me; it scares me. Especially when it’s willful ignorance. People don’t have to remain ignorant. They can educate themselves if they want to.

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