Blue birds singing a song

14 thoughts on “Blue birds singing a song”

  1. I’m not sure but I think this is perhaps a political cartoon. The Blue being the Democrats,and is that supposed to be the White house and the Dems about to invade it? I’m lost here PT 🙁

    1. You aren’t familiar with Twitter? That blue bird is their logo. Trump tweets constantly, with all kinds of contradictions and potentially self-incriminating comments, hence all the birds around the White House that staff are trying desperately to control.

      It occurred to me (before I posted this) that Trump is “singing” (slang) like a cornered criminal (and I hope he keeps singing and that Mueller is taking notes. His tweets are just helping Mueller build his case. Trump’s like a guy in a hole who doesn’t have sense enough to stop digging. The lyrics are from the old Ella Fitzgerald song, “Blue Skies,” but they suddenly have a whole new meaning for me. Now maybe all the tweets won’t bother me so much. I can think of each as just another nail in the man’s coffin.

      1. You’re right I’m not familiar with twitter and knowing who the No 1 user is I plan on keeping it that way. I did think of the old song, in fact it’s annoying me still 😀 can’t get it out of the mind now!
        I notice that that dimwit is planning on letting asbestos loose again in the USA. I think he should go in a room full of asbestos dust and suffer the consequence’s. He is an extremely dangerous man, ignorance definitely is not bliss any longer it’s lethal!

  2. Twitter, as used by Trump, has changed politics forever. It is an invention that pols of bygone generations could hardly have imagined, a medium providing an instant megaphone for any kind of opinion or brain-fart without the danger of being immediately countered by embarrassing questions. Trump’s insight in wielding Twitter has set a model for future use: to blunt the adverse effects of any particularly controversial tweet, one need only follow it by another one. Who’d a thunk it?

    1. I’ve come to think of Twitter and Facebook as inventions of the devil. They enable and embolden the worst kinds of verbal and emotional abuse, lies, rumors, personal attacks, etc. (with complete anonymity if desired) and no fear of retribution. The ability to run amok without consequences — exemplified daily by Trump — is spilling over into real everyday society, with unpleasant or even dangerous results. Despite their assertions, I don’t believe Facebook and Twitter can or will control the misuse without just closing shop, and we all know that’s not going to happen.

      1. It is the upper half of a nickel-hydrogen battery-cell pressure vessel sitting on a red plastic back-rub device that my grandson gave me. Congratulations, you are the first to ask!

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