I’m registered to vote; are you?

23 thoughts on “I’m registered to vote; are you?”

    1. I agree it’s been horrific. But the humor is difficult to find when you actually live in the US. The majority of us didn’t vote for this clown. It’s appalling to think that anyone did.

  1. I used to think of myself as an independent. Not anymore. I believe in climate change. I believe in a woman’s right to choose. I believe in evolution. I believe in global trade as an antidote to war. I believe what goes on in people’s bedrooms is their own business. I figured that makes me a proud Democrat!

    1. Being a Democrat includes embracing Hillary Clinton. And occasionally, more liberal ideas than I can go along with. So I’m an independent, a registered “Unaffiliated” voter in Colorado.

      1. I think in a sense, everybody is politically independent because of the diversity of needs and wants. But in times like these, isn’t the contrast rather stark? And, now that you mention it, I would take Clinton over Trump in a New York minute.

      2. As I’m sure I’ve said before, I held my nose and voted for Clinton, but only in an effort to stop Trump. Yes, the difference in parties is stark, but more so now because each is moving to its extremes in an effort to balance the other. There’s a broad middle ground not being well represented by either party. But if forced to choose, I’d go blue.

      3. So you wouldn’t have (or didn’t) vote to stop Trump? When I was looking at my ballot, I’m pretty sure my choices were “Trump” or “Not Trump.”

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