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A #MeToo message

Bill Cosby, in handcuffs, being taken from the courtroom.

Yesterday 81-year-old actor Bill Cosby, accused by more than a dozen women of sexual abuse, was sentenced to 3-10 years in Pennsylvania state prison. Classified as a “sexually violent offender” by the court, he will not be free on bond during the appeal process. He was handcuffed in the courtroom and taken directly to a local correctional facility to prepare for transfer to the state prison.

Note to boys and men: Yes, it could happen to you if you assault or abuse women.

Note to girls and women: Yes, there can be justice if you come forward and speak up.

Lesson for all: Regardless of age, gender, reputation, or wealth, sexually abusing someone can result in your conviction and imprisonment.


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  1. I think a more fitting punishment would have been to spread all of his considerable wealth among his victims. At 81, his suffering isn’t going to be commensurate with that of his victims. But, that’s just me.

  2. I actually know a woman who encountered Cosby. A young new mom just trying to commute from home in NYC to our office in Philly. She spilled the story about it years ago, but probably not to many others. I thought they’d never get him.
    But what I really fear with all they hype is that some nut jobs will make stuff up for attention – and really really hurt the true victims.
    Yes, learn the lessons of respecting everyone and keeping your hands off and behave or else!

  3. “Regardless of age, gender, reputation, or wealth, sexually abusing someone can result in your conviction and imprisonment.”

    Sadly, the age part is not always true. States like New York have statutes of limitations that prevent many survivors from even seeking the justice they deserve. It’s a real shame.

    • I have mixed feelings about statutes of limitations. On the one hand, if you are guilty of a crime, you should have to face the consequences, regardless. On the other hand, logically, crime reports and accusations should be filed within a reasonable amount of time and while while corrorborating evidence and testimony exists. I suppose a statute of limitations is the best compromise. A he said/she said situation decades after the fact serves no one well.

      • I know what you mean. That being said, many victims of sexual abuse are children or people in their teens who would not know until many statutes of limitations are long since expired. That’s where something such as the proposed Child Victims Act in New York might be helpful.

        • I just read a bit about the Child Victims Act. Didn’t realize how complex a problem it actually is. Interesting that the Catholic Church is opposed to it. (I like to see them explain that.) But that aside, I’m glad it’s being discussed and I hope something postive gets done.

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