To my readers, with respect

13 thoughts on “To my readers, with respect”

  1. Appreciate the monitoring as it keep the conversations from getting ugly and make your whole place feel unwelcoming. There must be something going around as today I’ve read multiple posts with similar messages.
    WP has always been such a great neighborhood up to now – there has been a slight shift in tone / viciousness at times / organized bullying if one offers an alternative view. Please be civil – walk away if you can’t be – there’s lots of bloggers – a place for everyone – find what suits your mood.
    Here, be polite as requested.

    1. Thanks, Phil. It’s the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and that’s a real hot topic for a lot of people. I tried to be low key and just note that everyone has a choice and we should all respect that, whether we agree with them or not. I should have just not allowed comments at all — but I do love comments and discussions. It’s just hard to referee sometimes.

      1. Can sympathize completely.
        If you post, you should be able to have civil comments. The group has changed
        I’ve found myself filtering words and skipping some topics just because it’s not worth the trouble trolls bring – which is sad. Walk away and they win.
        Abortion is like religion: if you want one, fine, if you don’t, fine. Why is it so hard for people these days?

      2. Our society has evolved in ways that really worry me. Reasonable, thoughtful discussion has become rare. We should be able to disagree without being disagreeable, but our elected leaders seem to be doing just the opposite. And too many people take their cues from them.

    1. You were provoked. I understand. Apology appreciated and accepted.

      And by the way, I imagine if you read back through all my posts and comments, you’d find more than one example of me breaking my own rules.

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